Louis Lives

One of Louis Cicotello's many resin-coated collages.

Back in March, I blogged about Louis Cicotello: http://skip2.me/SkipLog/SkipLog/Entries/2011/3/15_Another_Loss_Another_Gain.html and http://skip2.me/SkipLog/SkipLog/Entries/2011/3/19_Louis_Leaves.html

Last night, at a retrospective of his incredible art, we got to see him come alive again through 140 pieces of his very cerebral art. The Big Something did a nice narrated slide show yesterday, if you have the time and interest:  http://radiocoloradocollege.org/2012/02/25454/

Millie Yawn, his wife, and Sarah his daughter were there to announce an endowment through the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to help students of art transition from school into the world. The Gallery of Contemporary Art was packed like in the old days, with people of all ages and persuasions. They wanted to be together with each other and with Louis and what he represented. Although the weather was deteriorating into an icy snowstorm outside, it was an incredible artful experience inside…and inside the gallery, too.

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